Choose Liberty

Before It's Too Late!

The power of government must be limited to that which is necessary to protect human rights and individual liberties.   Guided by the principles of self-ownership and non-aggression, Whitney Bilyeu seeks to join the Texas State Senate to defend the freedom of all people, Texans and otherwise.

Whitney is a frugal, transparent, and steadfast steward of liberty.  She is committed to stopping the expansion of government into our everyday lives, and will work to reverse any existing infringements on our individual sovereignty. Representing Senate District 7, she will honor and abide by the Constitution and its original intent - to limit government and protect our natural rights.

As a Texas State Senator, Whitney Bilyeu will serve with integrity, honesty, efficiency and common sense. She will stand with other leaders ready to push back against government overreaching, oppression, and tyranny.  Whitney stands strong for limited government, fiscal responsibility, and economic freedom.

As Texans, we are highly capable of protecting and defending ourselves, providing for ourselves, and educating our own children. We have a responsibility to resist any outside efforts to undermine our safety and security, our economy, and our local education systems.

In the Texas Senate, Whitney Bilyeu will work to protect us all from increasingly harmful government meddling. She will oppose any measures that further erode the rights of individual citizens in the honest and peaceful management of our own lives and our own families.

Choose liberty while you still can.  Support Whitney Bilyeu for Texas State Senate District 7.

Link to Senate District 7 Map.

Be aware. Consider your options. Choose liberty.